Golf for Life!

We offer a wide range of junior and family golf programs based on Golf Canada's "Long Term Player Development" model (LTPD). While the LTPD provides a pathway to golf's highest levels of performance, its main focus is on promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in golf. Follow the links below for program information.

L'il Chippers - ages 4 to 7 | Ninjas - ages 6 to 12 | Team Canmore - ages 10+Junior Golf Camps - ages 8+



Golf Canada

Golf Canada Long Term Player Development Model

The first three rows, "Active Start", "Fundamentals" and "Learn to Golf" are categorized under the heading of "Physical Literacy". Participants at this level are just beginning to develop fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, agility, balance and coordination. Fun comes first, with "instruction" disguised as games and play. As kids grow older and progress through the physical literacy stage, the focus continues to be on fun and games, with more golf-specific movements introduced in bite-sized chunks.

The "Healthy, Active Lifestyle" heading provides up-and-coming golfers with two main developmental streams: competitive or recreational. Both streams aim to promote long-term golf participation. The competitive stream identifies 4 developmental stages:

  • Introduction to Competition (ages 11-14)
  • Learn to Compete (ages 14-17)
  • Train to Compete (ages 17-22)
  • Compete to Win (ages 22+)

The largest portion of the LTPD diagram is green, reflecting the recreational aspect of golf as a sport for life. Participants can choose to shift their focus toward the physical and social benefits of recreational play at virtually any stage in their development, while still enjoying "friendly" competition. Similarly, because golf is a game that can be played at the highest levels for many years, "late-entry" into the competitive stream is possible, even for youth who are well into their teenage years.