For the L’il Chippers program, we transform our “old #10” practice area into a giant golf playground that includes a 6 hole SNAG golf course, fun challenge stations, games and more!  Kids learn best by doing and copying – technical instruction goes largely unheard! For these reasons, L’il Chippers sessions are less focused on “how to swing” and more on active play, developing overall athletic skills through games, activities and fun. A convenient drop-in format (4:00pm to 7:00pm) means you can arrive when your schedule allows. We suggest allowing 45 to 60 minutes per visit. And remember – golf is truly a game of a lifetime so parent participation is both welcomed and encouraged!

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SNAG? What the heck is that? SNAG is an acronym for “Starting New At Golf”. It is a complete golf playing system that features colorful, oversized balls and clubs (known as “launchers” and “rollers”) along with a number of bright props and learning aids. It makes learning fun and easy! L’il Chippers will have the chance to try “real” clubs and balls as the program progresses.

Program Details: Ages 4 to 7. Program runs on Monday afternoons/evenings starting May 4, 2020. 6 weeks.

Cost of program: $59 + GST.

Equipment provided for those who need it!