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Become a GOLF NINJA! To earn “Ninja” status, golfers must travel safely and smoothly throughout the golf course property, completing golf skill challenges along the way. Golfing ninjaEach week, Ninjas will navigate a series of supervised challenge stations, simulating various situations golfers will encounter in play. These sessions will take place at the driving range, the clubhouse putting green and the short game area.  The challenge stations will be open from 4:00pm until 7:00pm, with a flexible drop-in format that allows busy families to arrive as their schedule allows. Although keen golfers are welcome to stay and practice as long as they like, we suggest allowing 45 to 60 minutes per session.

  • Station 1: Warm up and Golfers Pledge
  • Station 2: Full Swing Basics
  • Station 3: Putting
  • Station 4: Chipping & Pitching
  • Station 5: After passing through each of the four practice stations, participants can tackle the mini-course (available starting at 5:30pm)

After completing at least one circuit through the challenge stations, Ninja participants are encouraged to try the 5-hole mini-course (available from 5:30pm onward), upon demonstrating understanding & awareness of appropriate behaviour on the course; and their ability to maintain their position on the course. We request that parents accompany their Ninjas on the course.

Program Details: Ages 7 to 11. Program runs on Monday afternoons/evenings starting May 4, 2020. 6 weeks

Cost of program: $59 + GST. Equipment is available at no additional charge.

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