The Golfer’s Pledge

The Golfer’s Pledge is a set of guiding principles meant to guide your journey as a golfer. Please read it, understand it and live it!

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“We are guardians of the fairways and greens. We are defenders of fair play. We are seekers of knowledge and skill. We are leaders in perseverance and tenacity. We are protectors of honor and integrity, both on and off the course.”

Golfing ninja

Guardians of the fairways and greens don’t litter. They repair their ball marks on the greens and replace their divots. They rake their footprints in the bunkers. They value and respect nature and understand that it is a privilege to enjoy such beautiful surroundings. The true golfer leaves the course in better condition than they found it.

Defenders of fair play strive to learn the rules of the game so that everyone can play on equal footing. They understand that victory by unfair means is empty.

Seekers of knowledge and skill are unafraid to ask questions and think critically to find solutions to problems.

Leaders in perseverance and tenacity always try their best.

Protectors of honor and integrity always try to do the right thing. They show respect for their fellow players, their equipment, their coaches, parents, club staff and the golf facilities.

Such is the path of the true golfer. Do you choose to follow it?