Diagnostic Technology with the Human Touch

You already know that improving - really improving - your golf game takes dedicated effort. You're prepared to work hard, why not work smart, too? The TrackMan 4 launch monitor is our technology of choice because of the high-quality, detailed feedback it provides. We offer a range of TrackMan services including swing assessment, coaching & instruction tools, performance testing and guided practice.

TrackMan "BYOB = Build your own Bundle" - Choose any combination of TrackMan Services - see details below!


Any single session = $129.00 (60 minute session)

Any combination of 3 sessions = $300.00 (3 x 60 minute sessions)

Any combination of 5 sessions = $450.00 (5 x 60 minute sessions)

Any combination of 10 sessions = $650.00 (10 x 60 minute sessions)


Guided Practice - Most Popular Option!

Data is nothing more than a a bunch of numbers until we understand what all the numbers mean and how they can used to improve your game. Under the direction of a PGA of Canada Professional with specific training and experience in the use of the system, you can make sense of it all and get on the road to better golf! There are dozens of different games and skill challenges that bring self-competition and accountability to your practice sessions.

TrackMan Swing Analysis

What is your club doing at the moment of impact? Did you know that hundreds of touring professionals worldwide trust Trackman to answer this question?

It's true! The best players in the world know: when it comes to managing ball flight, the first step is understanding the cause/effect relationships that occur in the moment of impact. Armed with this information, we can unravel the mysteries behind the launch, spin, curvature and trajectory of our shots. Ready to take control of your game?

TrackMan Yardage Test

A big contributor to success as a golfer is knowing how far you hit each of your clubs. In a TrackMan yardage test, you'll hit a series of shots with each of your clubs and receive a report that highlights your average yardage for each club.

TrackMan Performance Putting

Putt your way to lower scores with TM4 Performance Putting. It’s the most powerful putting practice partner around, providing instant feedback that takes putting practice to an entirely new level. Stroke speed, length, tempo, dynamic lie angle, launch direction, skid vs roll percentage and more – it all comes together (with video) to make putting practice entertaining AND effective, indoors or out!

TrackMan Equipment Analysis

Thinking of purchasing new clubs and not sure where to start? Maybe you’re just wondering if your current equipment is right for you. These sessions focus on assessing the suitability of your equipment, giving you the answers and advice you need to make your equipment decisions. You’ll receive a report that highlights recommendations for club design, set configuration, shaft flex, grip size, length, lie angle and more

TrackMan Combine Test

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test consisting of 60 shots to 10 different yardages. Each shot receives a score based on proximity to the specified target, lending elements of pressure and accountability that simply can't be duplicated by "beating balls" on the range. Every shot counts! After completing the test, you'll receive a summary report and professional analysis that highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your game. This is invaluable information for putting together a practice plan that truly addresses your needs.

Short Game Analysis

Dial in your distances, fine-tune trajectories and learn how to make your wedges sing! A short game analysis is an important stepping stone to mastering the scoring zone!


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